Our expertise

Leadership of business-driven IP functions requires a specific and demanding skill set. In addition to technical understanding and IP expertise, it requires strong business acumen as well as well-honed communication, networking and team-building skills.

Konsert has individuals equipped with this rare set of skills, experienced in leading IP organizations and teams of different shapes and sizes. We establish proactive and business-driven ways-of-working. We help achieve clarity and calm in IP organizations struggling with the uncertainty of ongoing transformation.

We support development of high-performing IP teams capable of working together for a common purpose. We spearhead the development of strong IP-business relationships and shift expectations on the value the IP function brings to the organization.

Client needs

Blending our IP leadership expertise with adjacent capabilities, we tailor services and engagements to perfectly align with clients’ unique situations and needs.

Spearhead a new-way-of-working

IP leadership capable of leading by example by building strong relationships with business stakeholders and establishing interfaces for IP to integrate in the strategic dialogue.

Clear leadership in times of uncertainty

IP leadership capable of providing vision and clarity to IP teams struggling with uncertainty. Improving the sense of purpose and community, to navigate a challenging period.

Maintain momentum of change

Ensure that the momentum of an ongoing IP transformation is not jeopardized by sudden personnel changes. Bridge temporary resource gaps to enable new recruitment without unnecessary disruption.

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