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We are dedicated to solving global companies’ most important challenges related to technology-based competitiveness. Our strength lies in unique services combined with high talent density of creative coworkers. We put emphasis on providing intriguing opportunities to grow coupled with a great team experience and an including culture

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At Konsert, you will be part of an entrepreneurial team with the curiosity to explore, the courage to challenge and the drive to break new ground. We believe in the strength of combining world-leading thought-leaders with top strategy consultants. Are you a true team player who always aspires to the exceptional?

I invite you to learn more about joining us!

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Team activities

Adrenaline-rush, strategic planning and advancing ways of working
The Konsert team recently hit Marbella, Spain for a mix of strategy talks and outdoor action. Besides discussing business outlooks,…
Knowledge sharing and e-foiling at Marstrand
The Konsert team recently got together at the Swedish coastal resort Marstrand to spend two days away from the office…
Welcoming 2023 at Thorskog Grand Manor House
Welcome 2023! Looking back at a fast-paced 2022, we are having an offsite this week at Thorskog Grand Manor House,…
Conference at Ästad Vingård
This week, the Konsert team went to Ästad Vingård, located in the beautiful Åkulla beech forests nature reserve. We discussed our…
Lunch run in the forest
One of the perks of working at Konsert is the access to forest trails close to the office. Some of…
Winter trip with Konsert
Recently, we did a company winter trip to Åre. Besides conference and team disucssions, the trip was filled with outdoor…
Konsert went to Åre
The trip was fully stacked with exciting team activities ranging from zipline to downhill mountain biking and cross-country cycling. Canoeing,…
Team building & knowledge sharing at Marstrand
As a final send-off before summer vacations we spent 24 hours in the Swedish archipelago. Time was split between discussions…
Conference in the office
Knowledge sharing combined with strategic discussions and team building activities​
Q1 kick-off at Thorskog's castle
2020 kick-off with Team building & knowledge sharing