Client Challenges

  • Amid the implementation of an upgrade in the IP operating model, the Client’s IP leadership team faced the challenge of an unexpected resignation of the Line Manager for the Patent and Trademark attorneys.
  • This absence risked disrupting the organization’s change momentum, potentially posing longer-term risks to the successful adoption of the new IP operating model. Thus, the Client needed to quickly fill the position with a leader who could understand the change vision and goal, and who could act as a role-model in the transformation-journey.
  • Focused on the strategic vision of the IP organization, Konsert was called upon to provide an interim Line Manager until a permanent leader could be appointed.

Konsert Contribution

  • As a key member of the IP Leadership Team, Konsert’s appointee balanced strategic resource allocation with operational planning whilst playing a leading role in ensuring that the roadmap for IP Operating model refinement was not only envisioned, but executed on.
  • By providing dedicated mentorship to both the IP Leadership Team and the IP Attorneys in individual sessions, she guided their efforts to fulfil personal achievements as well as advance team objectives.
  • Furthermore, she played a critical role in orchestrating performance assessments and guiding individual development planning, thereby aligning the IP Attorneys’ development to make them directly tied with the implementation of the new IP operating model and supporting the overarching strategic aims of the IP organization.
  • Enabling more effective and speedy integration of new IP attorneys, through a recalibration of the onboarding process for new employees.


  • Konsert’s swift and strategic intervention via interim leadership not only filled the void created by the unforeseen resignation, but also reinforced the resilience within the IP Attorney unit, securing continuity and adherence to the upgraded IP Operating Model. Furthermore, the direct engagement in the development plan of each IP Attorney made it clear what was expected of them in light of the transformation, thus mitigating feelings of uncertainty with regards to the organizational change.