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Two-speed IP to keep pace with digital
A dual IP model for industrials under digital transformation – answering the digital business’ urgent IP needs with speed.
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Under the hood of AI
Demystifying how leaders scale value of AI solutions by ensuring seamless data access.
Konsert Strategy & IP announces Senior Advisor Gustav Brismark
Former Ericsson Chief IP Officer bolsters Konsert’s thought-leadership and advisory team
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IP's seat at the leadership table
Excepts from interview with Senior Advisor Anders Lindh, former President at Sandvik AMT
Anders Lindh joins Konsert Strategy & IP's Senior Advisor Team
Adds digital business executive perspectives to Konsert's thought leadership
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How Sandvik ventured into digital
Case presentation at IP Tech Summit
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papersCanada
Born from business need
Konsert's CEO Jens Bördin writes about how TD Bank manages the IP business risks and levers that arise with the…
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
How do you achieve cost control in preparation for an economic downturn?
Interview with Director Thomas Hedberg
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Digital innovation bridge
Skills, speed, success – how bridge organizations fuel the digital innovation pipeline
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
The organisational keys to unlocking your IP value potential
Konsert's CEO Jens Bördin writes that the IP operating model is the key factor that separates the best from the…