Client Challenges 

  • The client was undergoing a significant organizational transformation to enhance its IP management capabilities, with the aim of repositioning the IP department as a more business-centric unit. A strategic vision which had garnered strong endorsement from the executive management team was established. Now, it was time to implement the new operating model in the +40 people IP organization.  
  • The roles of Head of Patents and the newly formed Head of IP Strategy & Portfolio needed to be staffed to lead the transition. These roles required not only expertise in business-driven and strategic IP management but also leadership experience in guiding similar organizational transitions. They would be key to inspire and lead the needed shift in organizational culture, skills, and mindset.  
  • Recognizing the difficulty in swiftly recruiting suitable leaders for these positions, the client sought Konsert’s help for interim staffing solutions.  

Konsert Contribution 

  • Konsert promptly supplied a well-prepared interim Head of IP Strategy & Portfolio team to foster momentum and instill trust through early success stories. This required a deep understanding of the operating model and how to implement it successfully. 
  • Utilizing and leveraging its unique network, Konsert enabled the recruitment of a seasoned industry leader as interim Head of Patents, bringing considerable experience leading change programs in multinational technology companies. 
  • The interim Head of IP Strategy & Portfolio championed an entrepreneurial culture, navigating the organization’s new model and integrating it into everyday practices. He fostered vital relationships across business units and played a key role in recruiting talented team members. 
  • The interim Head of Patents’ key achievement was to unite and re-energize the patent group by guiding them to embrace the value and benefits of the new way of working.  
  • Together, their collaboration in the leadership team was instrumental in cementing the cross-functional way of working between the two teams.  


  • The swift and strategic placement of interim experts was crucial for successfully guiding the organization through a challenging and critical transition while cultivating new values and behaviors. Their contributions expedited the development of a robust IP department by charting a path of initial wins, which bolstered the department’s progression into a stable, high-performing organization ready to maximize the business impact of its IP operations.