Business strategy, technology innovation and
intellectual property in concert

We partner with technology-intensive organizations across the globe to strengthen their growth and profitability.

Our team combines world-leading industry thought-leaders with top strategy consultants having unique experience in the interface of business strategy, technology innovation and intellectual property.

We put people at the center of change. Our team cooperates at all levels of client organizations, developing teams and individuals, and changes the culture with new skills and behaviours.


Are Pioneers

We push forward, learn and break new ground. We have the curiosity to explore, the courage to challenge, and the drive to evolve.

Aspire to the Exceptional

Rigorous and consistent reasoning is our cornerstone. We distil actionable insight from seemingly overwhelming complexity and create lasting impact for our clients.

Advance as a Team

We cultivate an environment of respect, support and trust. We listen to understand, communicate proactively, and help each other grow and develop.

Embrace Great Thinking

We encourage initiative and elevate great contributions regardless of who they come from. As individuals, we expect our ideas to be challenged and we invite new perspectives.

Take Action for Sustainability

We strive to boost creation and dissemination of environmentally sustainable technologies. We take action to minimize our ecological footprint, both collectively and individually.

Our commitment to sustainable solutions

We are deeply concerned about the ongoing climate breakdown and committed to act in support of the transformation into a sustainable society. We are convinced technological innovation has a critical role to play in this, and believe that our greatest contribution will come from strengthening creation and dissemination of green innovations together with our clients.

By providing guidance on issues such as where to place technology innovation bets, how to set up partnerships to speed up sustainability efforts, and how to share sustainable technologies in a controlled way, we help our clients enhance their competitiveness while accelerating dissemination of green technologies. Opportunity for sustainability impact is given priority when we enter into new client engagements.

We place a strong emphasis on reducing the ecological footprint of our own consulting operations. Our biggest challenge in this regard is greenhouse gas emissions related to client travels. We are addressing this through a multi-faceted approach including engagement design (to minimize travels) and transportation mode selection guidelines (to minimize use of high-carbon transportation).


Technology companies across the globe

With a Swedish home base, we are serving technology companies in Europe, Asia and North America. Since our beginning in 2006, we have built our reputation as thought leaders in the growing IP space, and have advised more than 25 Global Forbes 2000 companies. Our client list includes everything from cutting-edge growth ventures to the world’s largest companies across all established and developing technology-intensive industries who want to grow and lead.


Powered by thought-leadership and innovation

Our team combines world-leading industry thought-leaders with top strategy consultants and unparalleled project experience at the interface of business strategy, technology innovation and intellectual property. Our clients’ needs are also constantly changing, so we always seek better ways to serve them, and continuously invest in knowledge development, learning and capability building.


Built on multidisciplinary research

We were founded in 2006 as a spin-out from Center for Intellectual Property (CIP) at Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg to leverage unique multidisciplinary research since 1999. We continue to believe that the mechanisms for transforming technology to solve real-life problems can be understood and described, and see as our mission to master and apply the science of technology-based business to catalyze our clients’ value creation.