Digital-proofing innovation strategies

Today, leveraging on digital technologies is crucial to stay relevant and profitable. Watch Konsert’s Digital Technology Innovation Lead, Robin Sparrefors talk about how leaders create innovation strategies that are fit for business environments and technology landscapes transformed and accelerated by digitalization.

5 rules for digital-proofing your technology strategy

No development in modern times has been as pervasive and formative as the digital revolution. To conquer the complexity of the new digital reality, technology strategy development practices must evolve. From our experience of working with progressive industry companies, we have distilled five rules that can guide companies in successfully digital-proofing technology strategies. This helps them effectively direct investments and resources to the technology areas that will contribute the most to the company’s future competitiveness. Read our white paper to learn more. 

The organisational keys to unlocking your IP value potential

Konsert CEO Jens Bördin writes that the IP operating model is the key factor that separates the best from the rest when it comes to using intellectual property to establish and leverage competitive advantages. IP operating models have four key pillars, which can prove differentiators.

Note: This article first appeared in IAM Issue 89, published by Globe Business Media Group - IP Division.

Managing external IP firms – 3 steps to cost and quality success 

Outsourcing to external IP firms is a proven way for IP departments to reduce costs, improve resource flexibility and access specialized and niched expertise. Still the desired benefits from outsourcing are many times unrealized and replaced by quality issues, excessive costs and non-transparency. Our experience shows that most IP departments can reduce costs with 20-30% at maintained or often improved quality levels, while increasing the time available for internal IP staff to perform strategic work by a factor of 3. In this white paper, we outline three success factors for realizing the desired benefits of partnerships with external IP firms.

Ruud Peters becomes partner and shareholder in Konsert Strategy & IP

On his new role, Ruud Peters says: "After working closely with Konsert Strategy & IP, I have seen the drive and outstanding results delivered by the team. They have proven that they are able to help Global Fortune 500s transform IP operations into business-driven engines across all stages of strategy, performance improvement and transformation, which is unparalleled. It’s a true pleasure to be part of the firm’s continued growth journey."

Volvo's road to business-driven IP Management

Article on how IP can be used to cost-effectively support growth, competitiveness and profitability across products, supply chain and R&D. The article outlines the development of a business-driven IP strategy as well as the organization needed to deliver on the strategy for a multinational manufacturing company. Note: This article first appeared in IAM Issue 79, published by Globe Business Media Group - IP Division.

How digitalization and industry 4.0 puts the spotlight on IP management

There is one issue related to the digital transformation of industry, or industry 4.0, that merits much more and broader attention than it’s currently given – the impact digitization is likely to have on IP-related costs for operating companies.  Watch Jonas Lindgren, Director at Konsert Strategy & IP, talk about why companies need to worry about intellectual property on their digitalization journeys. 

We welcome two top talents to the team: Sebastian and Filippa

Konsert continues to grow, and we recently expanded the team on both manager and associate levels. The addition of Sebastian Borregaard (Manager) and Filippa Plate (Associate) strengthens our ability to serve our growing international customer base, and demonstrates our continued attractiveness to top talents both among university graduates and among experienced management consultants. For more info, see our Team page.

How purchasing can use IP to improve results

Substantial cost savings and decreased business risk can be achieved by actively managing intellectual property in the purchasing process. Despite the growing importance, it is underdeveloped in many companies and holds large untapped potential. Read our white paper to learn more. 


Watch Thomas Hedberg, Director at Konsert Strategy & IP, talk about why the purchasing department must form a close partnership with the IP organization. 

We enter the Japanese Market: Susumu Tsugaru joins as Senior Advisor in Japan

As the former Senior Vice President of Philips Intellectual Property & Standards in Japan, Susumu Tsugaru brings valuable experience in business-driven IP management and market expertise to the company.

CIP Professional Services becomes Konsert Strategy & IP

The name change marks the next phase of our firm’s development as a thought leader in the intersection of business, technology and intellectual property (IP).

Intellectual Asset Management for Technology-based companies - Whitepaper

Capturing knowledge as discrete assets enables a systematic and granular approach to improve return on investment from R&D. This whitepaper gives an introduction to Intellectual Asset Management methodology and its application for improving competitive advantage and profitability