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Where to play and how to win through technology

We understand how technology contributes to growth, competitiveness, and profitability. We support leaders on strategic journeys, grounded in thought leadership and unparalleled experience, to make data-driven choices and win in technology-based business.

Two-speed IP to keep pace with digital


Dematic’s IP-strategic capability – geared for a fast-moving future

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IP Rights Data Contracts

How to capture value and build advantage with intellectual property

We know that a few critical technologies and data sets always have disproportional impact on competitive advantage. We help clients uncover which they are and how to build and leverage contracts and intellectual property rights to ensure access and to capture value.

IP StratOps turnkey solution

We embed top people, leading tools and a wealth of expert knowledge with clients’ organizations to deliver immediate impact and build lasting in-house Strategy & IP capability.

How does IP StratOps work?

IP StratOps teams are an integrated part of business teams, co-owning the business goals – not reactive support functions brought in after the fact. Depending on the organization, this may mean decentralized IP StratOps units within business divisions, centralized hubs with nodes in divisions, or multi-located teams.

IP StratOps requires cross-functional skills. It is the unbroken bridge between business strategy, technology innovation and IP expertise that makes the difference and ensures that IP StratOps can be a true co-owner and co-creator of business value.

The organizational setup, skills required, and process of IP StratOps units may vary, as IP StratOps is born out of agile philosophies to self-organize and find the best way to address the common challenges of the larger business team.

The IP StratOps process

  • The iterative and proactive process starts with strategic planning. Typically, by learning to truly understand business priorities and focusing to proactively concentrate on business-critical needs.
  • Based on the strategic planning, there is alignment to mobilize e.g. R&D, Product Management, Procurement, Market & Sales, Legal and IP resources.
  • Then Execution starts. Proactively stimulating the creation of data- and IP-based control points, and using built-up portfolios to impact revenue, costs and risk. The execution carries on until “jobs are done” and value is captured.
  • The iterative loop continues. Both in terms gathering learnings from the latest loop and aligning on how to refine the operating model to further improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Interested in IP StratOps?

Contact our practice lead Robin Sparrefors.