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Strategic planning of data access-, contract- and IP-based control points, and its operational execution (IP StratOps) is an essential mechanism that can pay handsome dividends.

  • While IP/legal experts usually play little part in fast-moving and digital activities, IP StratOps deploys novel IP and legal capabilities to co-create and grow digital businesses.
  • IP StratOps can be flexibly incorporated into digital businesses with different modes of integration, offering businesses a range of organisational design options.
  • Influenced by agile and DevOps methodologies, IP StratOps ensures that digital plays get faster to value with higher certainty.

The article available at IAM includes:

  • Examples of how data access, contracts and IP determine digital outcomes
  • Why IP StratOps is “the missing player” on the digital team
  • Key patterns of the IP StratOps blueprint
  • Examples of how companies have implemented IP StratOps

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