How does Konsert deliver IP StratOps?

Konsert offers turnkey IP StratOps solutions. We stand up and run IP StratOps teams, that transition into lasting in-house functions. We deliver end-to-end Strategy & IP capabilities for rapid and sustainable impact. A typical IP StratOps journey has three stages.

Pilot & Prove. We immediately apply “full-stacked” IP StratOps teams equipped with Konsert’s toolbox to run the first IP StratOps loop. We integrate in the business-strategic dialogue to extract top IP Jobs-to-be-Done, and start execution by proactively building IP with strategic intent and supporting the use of IP to impact revenue, costs and risks. Thereby the IP StratOps function immediately starts to deliver impact, proves its value, and builds the case for change.

Establish & Run. Based on client-custom learnings from the pilot and Konsert’s unmatched experience from building and operating IP StratOps functions, we help stand-up and run the IP StratOps function. Konsert team members are used to bridge the gap of skillsets/talents that take years to obtain or upskill. We help train and recruit the right people for a sustainable capability. Konsert people also act as change agents that ‘lead by doing’ to drive organizational and cultural change.

Transition to Steady State. The reins are gradually fully handed over to the in-house team. Success means that the IP StratOps function co-creates business value without any dependency on Konsert resources. Konsert can be consulted on demand, eg to help onboard new people or coach existing as the IP StratOps team scales, to ensure consistency over time as internal people move and organizations change, and to ensure a constant inflow of best practices from all Konsert’s experiences.

Interested in IP StratOps?

Contact our practice lead Robin Sparrefors.