Watch the video below from CIP Forum in December 2021. In this panel discussion our CEO Jens Bördin is discussing IP and digitalization with Anders Lindh from Mettler-Toledo and Michael Tagscherer from Giesecke+Devrient.

Panel description from CIP Forum:

"Industrials under digital transformation are facing an increased need for partnering, want to be quick at claiming new white space unlocked by digital, are seeing risks of new entrants/new competition, want to make sure they don’t get locked into the wrong relationships/wrong ecosystem rules etc.

Intellectual Property (in its broad sense, including e.g. data etc) is recognized as a key asset in this play, but internal IP organizations/teams are often not set up to meet the needs of the new digital environment.

A realigned IP capability, closely embedded with the digital business, is the answer."


  • Jens Bördin, CEO Konsert Strategy & IP
  • Anders Lindh, General Manager Global Business Area Analytical, Mettler-Toledo
  • Michael Tagscherer, CTO, G+D


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