Client challenges

  • Client is a global player in the mining industry, looking to take a leading position in the industry's development towards automated mining.
  • A digital office had been set up to coordinate the digital transformation across the company and to accelerate the development of digital solutions.
  • Client had a well-established IP operations and a substantial IP portfolio with regards to its core business, but lacked the skills and experience required for effectively navigating the digital IP landscape. Konsert was asked to support the digital transformation by driving development of an IP strategy for its digital offerings, suitable for agile and collaborative development with partners.

Konsert contribution

  • In close collaboration with the client, Konsert identified the client's key digital use cases, developed a systematic functional breakdown of the digital technology domains associated with key use cases, and developed the client's digital technology strategy in relation to the functional breakdown - identifying prioritized technologies, and defining the planned depth of R&D engagement in relation to prioritized technology domains.
  • The Konsert team conducted an external IP landscape analysis identifying key players and their IP portfolios in technology domains of interest, identifying client strengths, weaknesses and risks in relation to the digital domain.
  • Finally, an IP strategy and plan designed for optimal support of the client's agile digital technology strategy was developed.


  • The client adopted the technology strategy as basis for agile development activities, and redirected IP investments from the traditional core to key digital fields as prescribed by the IP strategy. Hence the client has started on the path of strengthening digital IP positions, with the overall aim of reducing IP risk in relation to future digital offerings.