Client challenges

While having a strong legacy in its product business, the Company was taking a leading position in the industry's digital development and launched new digital-enabled solutions at an accelerating pace, creating new challenges and opportunities.

The Client was setting out to solve customer problems by building a new scalable digital platform suite, creating a digital thread through its value chain; creating a large profit pool to share.

The Company understood that IP was increasingly important in the new digital environment, but its business impact and associated risks were largely unknown.

The Client’s IP department was effectively managing IP in core product business areas but didn’t have sufficient skills and capacity to proactively and systematically manage IP in relation to new digital-enabled solutions.

Project with Konsert

  • The Client partnered with Konsert to develop a new business-driven and digital-adapted IP strategy framework.
  • In addition, a new governance model using a strategic business partner logic was designed.


  • A shared strategic direction for navigating the digital technology ecosystem and the business implications of IP.
  • Facilitating reallocation of funds from traditional areas to support the new digital business and its technology.
  • Identification and protection of defensive control points; ensuring risk management in a rapidly transforming ecosystem using IP portfolios aimed at deterring actions against the Company and ensuring that certain threats do not materialise.
  • Securing and leveraging differentiating control points; protecting key differentiating elements relative to competing platforms to build reputation, enhance attractiveness as a technology partner and leverage in negotiations to reduce costs and increase share of revenue pools.

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