Watch Jens Bördin, CEO at Konsert Strategy & IP, talk about the operating model needed to organize and manage IP resources to achieve your strategic ambitions.

This video builds on Jens Bördin's article "The organisational keys to unlocking your IP value potential", which first appeared in IAM Issue 89, published by Globe Business Media Group - IP Division.

In the video Jens highlights four key pillars of the IP operating model that separate the best from the rest:

  1. A joint backbone framework
    • Leading IP companies have IP portfolio frameworks that are compatible with and plug into the other principal frameworks used in their companies, thereby ensuring compatibility and a future-proof structure.
  2. An IP function mirroring the business
    • Leading IP companies have organized their IP functions around accountable IP directors and ensured that they have appropriate counterparts in the business, a balanced authority and a cross-disciplinary team able to deliver on its responsibilities.
  3. An IP function participating in the strategic dialogue
    • Leading IP companies include intellectual property as part of the strategic dialogue and proactively involve the IP function in the business planning process, while enabling it to provide IP-based foresight to all stakeholders.
  4. Formalized and business-driven IP decision-making
    • Leading IP companies have taken the time to go over all their IP processes and have identified the decisions that are most important to generate the returns expected from their IP investments. They have clarified who is involved, what the decisions are,  how they should be executed and how they should be followed up on based on key performance indicators.