Jens Bördin

Chief Executive Officer

Jens Bördin is co-founder, partner and CEO of Konsert Strategy & IP. He specializes in strategy development and performance improvement with regard to digital technology innovation, business-driven IP management, and leverage and exploitation of intellectual assets. His experience includes leading C-level strategy projects, and multi-year transformation projects at and between multinational corporations in Europe, Asia and North America. Recent experiences include:

  • Leading the development of business-driven digital innovation and IP strategy, and a new agile organization for high-paced execution of fintech innovation at a Top-10 North American bank;
  • Leading the development of a business-driven corporate IP strategy and its global implementation at an automotive OEM, including major changes in organisation, processes and governance, and interim staffing of key positions;
  • Leading a corporate-wide IP business audit and a following IP strategy, ensuring alignment with corporate, product, supply chain, and R&D objectives at a global supplier to the energy and marine sectors; and
  • Leading the development of a long-term technology and innovation strategy to guide investment, competence planning, sourcing and R&D decisions for a new range of digitized products/services at global industry supplier.

Mr. Bördin holds a Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ICM) from Chalmers University of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg.

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