Client challenges:

  • Konsert had helped design a new IP operating model for a world-leading IP organization with +300 employees. The client was now preparing for launch and thinking about how to best ensure successful implementation of the new model.
  • The client established a change program management office (PMO) with a dedicated leader to oversee the planning, execution, and coordination of various workstreams.
  • Konsert was tasked with supporting the PMO and the IP leadership to ensure a smooth transition.

Konsert’s contribution:

  • Throughout the engagement, Konsert supported the PMO leader with change communication, coordination, planning, sponsor reporting, and change risk mitigation strategies.
  • Konsert also facilitated union dialogue and negotiations through proactive identification and effective mitigation of potential issues.
  • Prior to launch, Konsert lead the development of comprehensive launch guides for all employees in the IP organization. These guides explained the purpose of the change and outlined the steps necessary for implementation.
  • Further, Konsert developed a thorough and efficient communication plan, which helped ensure that critical information was shared with the right people at the right point in time.
  • Within one of the change workstreams, Konsert developed narratives and supporting materials to clarify the reasons for change and the benefits of the new model. This helped engage and motivate stakeholders at all levels—from leadership to managers and staff.


  • The Change PMO enhanced collaboration within the organization, streamlined team interactions, and reduced delays and miscommunications throughout the transformation process.
  • Konsert helped guide the client through a critical transition period and the result was a successful and smooth shift to the new IP operating model.