Client challenges

  • Technology and knowledge are key to the competitiveness of the client’s two main value propositions: customer-specific products for industrial applications and solutions to help customers maximize the performance of their products.
  • In light of the industry 4.0 movement, the client was running an initiative to clarify and improve resource allocation and strategic workforce planning to support new digital-based value propositions for performance optimization.
  • The client wanted to achieve a cost-effective digital innovation portfolio and workforce, aligned with business strategic objectives.


  • Together with the client, Konsert designed a strategy-driven process for guiding digital technology innovation investments to future high impact areas.
  • A pilot was set up for one of the client’s key business segments and focused on enhancing performance optimization solutions with digital technology.
  • The pilot resulted in a step-change in innovation strategy development. The framework was based on a digital technology map creating a common language, combined with defined business strategic priorities moving strategic direction from general customer insights to a detailed and shared view of the segment’s business objectives.
  • Using the framework, digital technology areas of key importance for future competitiveness where pinpointed and ownership for making technology investments and recruiting new skillsets was could be assigned. The strategy was operationalized into actionable plans-on-a-page, providing details guidance for how to best close gaps between current and wanted positions using internal and external sources.
  • Based on the success of the pilot, the client’s executive management decided to scale up the digital technology innovation method with the ambition to provide systematic and granular innovation strategies for forward-looking business segments