Konsert Strategy & IP has as of February 1st, 2017 appointed Susumu Tsugaru as Senior Advisor for the Japanese market. As the former Senior Vice President of Philips Intellectual Property & Standards, Susumu Tsugaru brings valuable experience in business-driven IP management and market expertise to the company.

The appointment of Susumu Tsugaru as Senior Advisor is an integral part of Konsert Strategy & IP’s expansion to a broader geographical market. Mr. Tsugaru brings extensive experience from being Senior Vice President and Head of Philips Intellectual Property & Standards in Japan for more than 19 years, and prior to that handling IP licensing and litigation at Toshiba Corporation for 18 years. He has experience from standard-related work including the establishment and operation of license pools such as One-Blue/One-Red and DVDFLLC.

I’m very happy to joining the team at Konsert Strategy & IP. It’s a leading firm with unique profile and expertise, which is well-equipped to address challenges at the cross-roads of business strategy, technology and intellectual property faced by many technology corporations in Japan as well as globally

- Susumu Tsugaru, Senior Advisor Konsert Strategy & IP

We are very pleased to welcome Susumu Tsugaru on our team. His work in the field of IP is widely recognized with outstanding achievements, and his extensive experience will be very valuable in evolving our offerings to meet client needs in Japan as well as elsewhere, says Jens Bördin, CEO of Konsert Strategy & IP.

Susumu Tsugaru retired as Senior Vice President at Philips Intellectual Property & Standards in January 2017, but remains a strategic advisor to Philips.