Our expertise

Innovation strategy means making deliberate and proactive choices on where to invest for maximum future business impact. Konsert has deep expertise in evolving and reinventing strategy development practices to enable data-driven and high-precision decision-making at the required pace of change.

We help create actionable strategies that translate strategic direction into concrete steps that fuel and advance the innovation pipeline, guide talent acquisition, enable cost-efficient make-buy-partner decisions, and define how to capture and control created value.

Client needs

Blending our innovation strategy expertise with adjacent capabilities, we tailor services and engagements to perfectly align with clients’ unique situations and needs.

Increase innovation hit rate

No more high-level vision strategies that never makes it off the page. Make innovation count with strategies that systematically fuel the pipeline in the right areas and accelerates its business impact.

Fit for digital and agile innovation

Strategy practices that have worked well in the past are not fit for the technology and data complexity nor the high pace of digital business and agile innovation.

Win through innovation + IP

Companies that innovate by translating core competences, domain know-how and proprietary data into unique new value propositions – and control these with intellectual property – will be winners.

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