Hi there, Therese

Why did you choose to join the team at Konsert?
I had thoughts about becoming a management consultant already during my bachelor studies. During my fourth year at Chalmers, I got first-hand experience of what the profession had to offer when doing an internship at BCG. At that point I was hooked. For a long time I was set on joining BCG in Stockholm after graduation but as time passed, I began to have doubts. I feared that at a large consultancy firm I would not get to work with IP and Innovation, the niche which I found most interesting. This is when I came across Konsert.

Konsert has the unique position of being a management consultancy firm working with the strategic aspects of intellectual property and innovation, in combination with being a small team where everyone is involved in building the company. I have now been at Konsert for five years and really feel I have found perfect match for me.

Since joining Konsert, you have had the roles of Associate, Senior Associate and Manager – what do these roles imply?
Associate is our entry-level position, which basically means it is the position in which a newly graduated recruit will start. In general, you can expect to advance to the Senior Associate level after 1-2 years as an Associate. In terms of work tasks, the Associate and Senior Associate positions are quite similar. The main difference is in the how much project management responsibility you are expected to take on.

In the position as Manager you most often take on the role as project leader in one or several of our client projects. This role includes setting a plan for the project, delegating tasks and coordinating with other project team members as well as driving the project forward.

What are you driven by?
What drives me most in my work is constantly being presented with new challenges – working with new questions, problems, technologies, company structures, industries etc. What I really value about Konsert, is working with a team towards a common goal and being part of building something together, both in projects and with the development of the company itself.

When you’re not working – what are your preferred activities?
I have quite a busy life outside of work. I love to spend time with family and friends, and at the moment I am also renovating a house. As for other hobbies, I put a lot of time in training with my two dogs. I mainly train them in agility (dog obstacle running) but also in sheepherding. On the weekends we often compete in agility, and will be competing in the Swedish championships this summer.

As time passed, I have gradually been given more responsibility. Already after about a year, I was driving my own projects with active support from a more senior colleague.

Hi there, Jonas

What is your role at Konsert and what does it imply?
As a Director, my focus is on developing and managing client relationships as well as ensuring the quality of our deliveries. At any given point in time, I'm managing multiple client accounts and dividing my time between client meetings (virtual or on-site) and working closely with our project teams to help ensure our engagements are as effective as possible.

In addition, I have an internal responsibility as Head of Methodology & Tools. This means that I am accountable for our organizational learning and development process. We invest a significant amount of time in both individual skill development, and continuous development and refinement of the methodology and tools we use as the backbone for our different engagements.

You were part of founding the embryo that has grown into what today is known as Konsert. What has been the greatest challenges, and what has driven you throughout this journey?
In broad terms, the greatest challenge has been the operationalization of CIP's pioneering insights regarding the sources of competitiveness in technology firms. Developing these fundamental insights into scalable methodology for delivering client value has been a great learning experience. One of the key motivators for me personally has been our team's entrepreneurial ambition to push our boundaries in how we can understand and drive competitiveness in technology-based products.

What do you appreciate most about your colleagues?
I think a characteristic of the Konsert team is that it consists of very talented and high-performing individuals, who share a drive for quality along with the core insight that our best work is achieved collaboratively. I appreciate how my colleagues at Konsert have not only sharp minds that challenge me on a daily basis, but also consistently put in the effort to understand how other team members are thinking, and try to build on that to reach the best possible outcome.

What do you do when you’re not working?
Day-to-day, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our two young daughters; cooking, listening to music, reading, hanging out. Exercise is a great way for me to recharge, especially when done outside, and I enjoy a mix of walking, running, strength training, and tennis on a regular basis. For vacations, I love to stay active in the beautiful Scandinavian nature - skiing up north during wintertime, sailing in the Swedish archipelago on either coast are some of my absolute favorite activities.

I appreciate how my colleagues have not only sharp minds that challenge me, but that they consistently put in the effort to understand how other team members are thinking, and try to build on that to reach the best possible outcome.

Hi Malin and Fredrik

After graduating from the Management and Economics of Innovation (MEI) MSc. program at Chalmers University of Technology, Malin and Fredrik joined Konsert in 2022. In this video, they reflect on what the first 6 months at Konsert have been like, and their experience becoming a part of the team and starting to interact with clients and real-world projects.

Annie's reflections - My experience and insights of joining Konsert as an associate consultant

I first learned about Konsert through my master’s education where Konsert had guest lectures in topics such as IP strategy and management in modern business. I also participated in Konsert arranged events to meet and get to know the team. Right from the start I got the impression of Konsert as a company with highly ambitious individuals aiming to achieve out-of-the box thinking. In combination with always striving to break new ground and providing niched consulting services, everyone seemed genuine, and with a high ambition to grow as a team.

I felt that Konsert was a place where I would learn and develop, while contributing with my drive, curiosity, and interest in the impact of digitization and IoT on business environments. Furthermore, despite its smaller organizational size Konsert is working with some of the largest global companies, targeting intriguing and complex challenges with its unique expertise on how to manage technology, know-how, data, and IP to strengthen competitiveness and profitability. Hence, to me, Konsert almost seemed too good to be true.

During my first 10 months at Konsert I have been involved in several client engagements. The work has included developing business-driven IP strategies for a mobility solutions provider and for an innovative energy management supplier. In both projects we worked in close collaboration with the clients to define strategic business priorities in relation to IP and where to focus IP creation and management activities to successfully navigate the client’s ecosystem for current and future business ambitions. In addition, I have supported global companies with IP cost efficiency initiatives and in framing governance of IP.

In addition to client engagements, I am also part of Konsert’s strategic marketing team. I have worked with employer branding activities and is managing our social media channels. Our team trips for internal knowledge sharing and teambuilding have additionally allowed me to become further integrated into and familiarize with the team and the Konsert culture. The flat organization is a cornerstone in Konsert’s culture and way-of-working. Every team member is encouraged to voice their opinions, ask questions, and suggest solutions, which builds a place with entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

Working as an Associate at Konsert has been nothing short of my expectations, and most enriching. Apart from joining a great culture and team, I also enjoy being part of developing the company.

Working as an Associate at Konsert has been nothing short of my expectations, and most enriching. Apart from joining a great culture and team, I also enjoy being part of developing the company.

Rickard reflects on his initial experience of working as an associate consultant at Konsert

Graduating in covid-times has been a challenge for most university graduates. I was fortunate, however, to have come in contact with Konsert before I finished my studies and had already established a relationship with the company. What sparked my interest was the combination of IP, technology and business that Konsert practices to help clients to strengthen their technology-based competitiveness.

As a lawyer, starting my career at a management consultancy is not an obvious choice. However, studying a master’s in business development in technology intensive industries opened my eyes for the potential of using my skills not only for traditional legal tasks, but also business strategy, for which a multidisciplinary approach is key.

Since I started, I have been involved in several strategy projects relating to business-driven technology competitiveness, one of Konsert’s core practice areas. Among them, a project for a big European utility-company where organizational structure is key in order to build bridges between business, technology and IP. Another of the projects I have been involved in is an IP strategy project for a major player in the minerals business, where much of the focus have been on analyzing technology landscapes and building strategy recommendations based on competitor IP positions.

I got to know my new colleagues straight away through personal face-to-face meetings as soon as I started. We have also had virtual check-ins and outdoor activities to keep up a good social atmosphere when not having a full office. Going on a team-trip to Åre provided a great opportunity to get to know colleagues on a more informal level.

One of the things I enjoy most at Konsert is the opportunity to work on uniquely qualified projects and still getting to work close to my senior colleagues in a way that ensures me learning as much as possible throughout the process. I really appreciate the fact that I have from a very early stage been included in client meetings and that I get the opportunity to be involved in the strategic discussion internally.

Looking back at my first months here, I am confident I found a workplace where I can grow as a professional and constantly keep learning. At Konsert, I get to use my skills in a unique way while keeping a steep learning curve. I get a real chance to combine skills in technology, business, and law to solve unique tech-based strategy problems for multinational clients.

I really appreciate the fact that I have from a very early stage been included in client meetings and that I get the opportunity to be involved in the strategic discussion internally

Hi there, Karin

You have been with Konsert since 2011, what is it that makes you stay?
My journey with Konsert has been very exciting and stimulating. I appreciate the opportunity to make a difference, both for the clients we work with and in Konsert’s growth journey as a boutique management consultancy.

We constantly push forward and break new ground, and that would not be possible withouth the amazing people working here. Our team have the curiosity to explore and the humility not to pretend they know everything. We have a flat structure and great team work where everyone helps each other to grow and develop.

What do you do in your current role?
I am leading client projects focusing on strategic IP issues, performance improvement and organization development. My role includes planning and driving the work in projects as well as directly interacting with the client. Meaning that I need to master both problem solving and client management skills. We always work in multiple projects at the same time. I am currently managing an IP Holding company and recently finalized a project where I worked with aligning the client's IP organization with the digital business organization.

I also lead our Development and Recruitment team. My team are responsible for talent attraction, team and individual capability development and employee satisfaction. I really enjoy the combination of the internal responsibility with consultancy work.

What do you do when you’re not working?
In my free time, most of my time is spent with my family and I often say that my hobby nowadays is playing with my two young daughters Estrid and Emma. I also get energy from being outdoors, and often combine it with training. Since I love challenges, I have started with triathlon with the long-term goal of completing an Iron Man.

I appreciate the opportunity to make a difference, both for the clients we work with and in Konsert’s growth journey as a boutique management consultancy.