Peter Yennadhiou

Senior Advisor

Peter Yennadhiou began his IP career as an inventor, deriving multiple patents from his research in optical communications. This technical foundation provided a sound basis to develop into legal and business IP roles over his career. At Hewlett Packard Inc., he headed the global IP and licensing division. In 2021, he joined Konsert Strategy & IP as a Senior Advisor.

Over 35+ years as a trusted in-house partner, Peter has developed a business-oriented approach to IP legal matters, offering clients:

  • Strategy development for both new and pivoting companies.
  • Consultation for in-house IP functions, emphasizing legal efficiency and team leadership.
  • An organisational and functional IP health check against industry best practices.
  • Expertise in building and managing effective patent portfolios.
  • Experience in enforcing patent portfolios both regionally and globally, to shield high-profit sectors and fuel monetization efforts.
  • Skills in resolving complex IP disputes without litigation.
  • Proficiency in negotiating various IP agreements, including R&D partnerships and diverse licensing arrangements.

Peter holds a degree in Natural Sciences (Physics) from Cambridge University and is a qualified UK and European Patent Attorney. He has worked in Barcelona, Spain, and Palo Alto, California, and is currently based in the UK.

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