During the last couple of weeks we have started to roll-out our new visual identity, to better reflect who we are and what we do. This new visual identity, which is the product of a rigorous design process, is presented on our new website and has been integrated in all our communication material.

The sphere, which is a part of our logo, has been picked up as a consistent graphical element, as seen for example in the new illustrations for our areas of expertise. We have also given our employees a more central role on the webpage, as well as added personal stories and blog posts to give more color to what it’s like to work at Konsert.

“We are proud of our new visual identity and webpage, which reflects our character, strengthens our brand and matches our vision”, says Karin Lersten, Head of Marketing and Branding. “This effort is a natural step in the evolution of the firm and our commitment to being the leading company in the industry and an attractive employer for exceptional people.”