With the development towards electromobility, connectivity and automation, as well as general convergence with other industries, the automotive industry is entering a radically different playing field. The European car manufacturer Volvo Cars, is hosting an event October 8-9 2019 to keep ahead on IP trends.

Konsert’s CEO Jens Bördin will moderate a panel on “Looking at the future: Megatrends and disruptive technologies” focusing on:

  • New interfaces, new challenges and new interactions between OEM, Suppliers, Academics and New entrants.
  • Transportation as a service, Predictive IA for maintenance: Use and business cases, market scenarios
  • How can IP can anticipate the next technology breakthroughs? Forecasting the global inflexion…
  • Applications of augmented and mixed Reality for Automotive Stakeholders.
  • Fuel cells, Supercapacitors, Hydrogen: from Electric to Magnesium, the next key technological drivers.

The topic will be addressed by a panel of high-level representatives from global technology companies.

We look forward to seeing you there. Reach out to our Directors Jonas Lindgren (BDIP area practice lead) or Robin Sparrefors (DTI area practice lead) to connect before the conference.

See the full program at http://www.volvocars-ips.global/agenda/