Konsert will partake in the IP Tech Summit (IPS), December 3-4, 2020. A two-day online summit powered by Microsoft to showcase the most updated content on technological, regulatory / legal and IP issues, and foster the presence of thought leaders to emulate valuable business models and business-oriented massive digital transition around worldwide best practices.

Our CEO and co-founder Jens Bördin will lead the panel Innovation framework for digital transformation, discussing main topics such as

  • New business models, value pools unlocked by digitalization, and impact on sustainability
  • Changes in collaboration and partnering models
  • Changes in people, skills, organization and ways-of working
  • Impacts on how to manage and use intellectual property

The panel will consist of professionals

  • Dr. Christine Haupt, General Manager Marketing & Operations / Leader SMC Customer Business, Microsoft
  • Sven Schuwirth, Senior Vice President, Digital Experience & Business, Audi
  • Victoria Van Camp, CTO and President, Innovation and Business Development, SKF

Join us.

Agenda and more information can be found at https://ipsummit.tech/