Widely recognized as the global gathering for the world’s IP business leaders, the 11th annual IPBC Global conference is taking place in Boston June 16-18, 2019.

Our CEO Jens Bördin will moderate a panel on “Inside the 21st century corporate IP team” focusing on the challenge of increasingly importance of IP for the corporate strategy, at the same time as IP functions are more under cost and delivery pressure than ever before. The topic will be addressed by a panel of high-level representatives from fintech, telecom, and data/cybersecurity.

Konsert Strategy & IP is gold sponsor of the event and we look forward to seeing you there. Reach out to our Directors Jonas Lindgren (BDIP area practice lead) or Robin Sparrefors (DTI area practice lead) to connect before the conference.

See the full program for IPBC Global at http://www.ipbc.com/2019/Programme.aspx