Understand the current state and how to improve  operational excellence and cost efficiency

We help clients to map and assess IP operations and current ways of working. Anchored in best practices, we help identify improvement areas and formulate a desired future state. Efficiency pain points can include bottlenecks in patent processes and non-harmonized workflows, sub-optimal collaboration with external agents, and low transparency on why cost levels are high. Together with the client, we set an action plan for how, and in what order, to address improvements, including a business case supporting the change.

Client challenges

Typical client challenges include:

  • IP professionals spend a lot of time “fire-fighting”; need to free up time to focus on proactive and strategic activities
  • Efficiency dependent on individuals’ skills due to non-harmonized way of working within groups and between sites or regions
  • Unclear expectations on and way of working with external IP agents
  • Volatile patent agent costs and difficulty in assessing the scope and quality of external services
  • Limited cost transparency making future looking budget projections difficult
  • Unclear understanding of how to address improvements and how to become best-in-class



IP operations performance reviews provide a clear understanding of the current state, identified efficiency pain points and a future desired position, a concrete action plan for how to prioritize improvements, and business case to motivate change.