Adjust ways of working to drive cost and time efficiency in IP operations

We help clients to address efficiency pain points in IP operations to realize cost improvements, improve speed in execution and reduce time spent on the wrong things. Based on understanding the gaps between current and wanted state in the IP operating model, we re-design and adjust ways of working. We focus on improving the activities that ties up most resources, are the largest bottlenecks and have the highest cost reduction potential. This includes making sure that the division between internal work and work outsourced to external agents is clear and balanced, and that external services are procured at the right cost and quality levels.

Client challenges

Typical client challenges include:

  • IP organization drowning in “fire-fighting” operational issues instead of focusing on value-adding, strategic work
  • Efficiency dependent on individuals’ skills due to non-harmonized way of working within groups and between sites or regions
  • Increasing share of IP budget spent on external agents without necessarily freeing up time for internal staff
  • Price differences for the same activities between external IP agents, and difficulties in assessing scope and quality of external services
  • Limited flexibility in workload balance between in-house and external IP agents
  • Limited cost transparency making future looking budget projections difficult


Time and cost-efficient IP operations characterized by: 

  • Streamlined IP processes without major bottlenecks, based on harmonized ways of working while ensuring professional freedom to maneuver for skilled IP staff
  • Clear collaboration models for how to work with external agents, allowing the in-house organization to focus on the right type of work and creating  beneficial organizational flexibility
  • Cost transparency with the right tools to uncover main cost drivers and track and follow-up on costs, as well as making forward looking projections
  • External services systematically procured to ensure meeting cost and quality level.