Business IP expertise and digital play advice, seamlessly integrated in your digital team

IP is vital for executing digital plays, but requires specific competence often lacking in traditional IP departments.

We embed business IP competence inside clients’ digital businesses, to act as the extended arm of IP functions. With turnkey digital business IP expertise on the inside, we help navigate where to invest and what to control, secure IP and data needed by digital, and support complex negotiations and transactions.

Embedded Strategy & IP capability adds highly skilled people to solve strategy and execution tasks, including to:

  • Set strategic direction, i.e. to make sharp technology and control decisions based on strategic analyses that translate business needs to the technology stack and IP.
  • Build the portfolio, i.e. to rapidly capture IP needed by digital business and create business-useful IP portfolios.
  • Use IP as leverage, i.e. to facilitate complex transactions, making sure you come out on top in negotiations with e.g. with technology suppliers, collaboration partners and M&A targets.

Client challenges

  • Our IP capability is not built for digital; how do we ensure needed support to the digital business?
  • How should we respond to technology and industry players that act fast in digital business and in digital IP?
  • How should we defend our competitive edge and ensure freedom to act in a rapidly transforming digital markets?
  • How can we avoid over-paying in technology negotiations with suppliers, collaboration partners and M&A targets?


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