A client-adapted vision and plan based on review of the fundamental drivers for IP investment and the current IP management setup

We support our clients by analyzing the fundamental business drivers for investing in IP; assessing the current state of IP management; identifying key improvement areas and formulating desired future positions; and setting an action plan for how, and in what order, to address improvements in the most effective way.

By analyzing the current state using business-driven IP frameworks, and infusing external best practices as needed, we can effectively design the wanted future state for improving business outcomes from IP, and outline how to get there along with the business case for doing so.

Client challenges

Typical client challenges include:

  • Unclear view of and rationale for the company’s business need for IP – if, why and at what level the company should be investing in IP
  • Uncertainty regarding capability gaps in the company’s IP organization, processes and governance – what the future desired state should look like
  • Uncertainty regarding how to best address improvements and start moving towards the future desired state


IP business reviews provide a future desired position with regards to IP management, indications of key gaps, a concrete action plan for how to prioritize improvements, and a business case to motivate change.