Business-driven IP management

The pressure on Chief IP Officers and Heads of IP to generate business results is increasing. Business Executives and CFOs increasingly require IP functions to be able to show a positive return on the company’s investment in IP. As businesses become digital, the IP playing field is transformed, old truths are being re-examined, and the stakes are raised.

We help IP functions address the new digital IP challenges, as well as take the steps they need to become a strategic and valued partner to the business. We call this business-driven IP management:

  • Proactive – IP activities directly linked to strategic objectives. IP portfolios systematically built and used to support revenue and reduce costs and risks.
  • Agile – IP able to respond quickly to changing business needs, shift resources to where they matter the most, and handle high-paced innovation.
  • Business-integrated – IP accountable for achieving desired business outcomes, part of the strategic dialogue, and interacting closely with relevant internal stakeholders

"Become a strategic and valued partner to the business and address digital IP challenges"

IP strategy for the business

We develop detailed IP strategies that are perfectly aligned with business strategic priorities, provide concrete guidance and focus for the day-to-day work of IP professionals and partners in business functions.

Make IP fit-for-digital

We help IP functions upgrade their skill sets and ways-of-working to meet the new challenges of digital businesses, e.g. interfacing with agile R&D, managing open source, protecting software and managing data-as-an-asset.

Move IP close to the core

We help IP organizations become strongly integrated in the company’s core strategic dialogue, and recognized as a key partner in achieving critical business outcomes.

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