Value positioning and control capabilities to co-create and grow digital businesses

The emerging discipline of IP StratOps deploys IP and Legal capabilities to co-create and grow digital businesses. IP StratOps combines practices and tools to address Strategic planning of data-, contract- and IP-based control points, and its Operational execution.

Industrial companies struggle to capture and scale value from digital use cases. One key reason is that digital business gives rise to situations where intellectual property and contracts determine the outcomes, and that the importance of value positioning and control capabilities is underestimated.

While traditional roles in business, IT and R&D such as process engineers and product planners are replaced or complemented with new roles such as data architects, DevOps engineers and business translators, IP and Legal organizations typically remain on the side lines when building digital teams. With this capability gap, digital businesses fail to unlock business value at scale and secure long-term competitiveness.

Influenced by Agile and DevOps methodologies, IP StratOps ensures that digital plays get faster to value with higher certainty.

IP StratOps means:

  • Digital-adapted roles and skills
  • Working in an agile and proactive process
  • As an integrated part of the digital business team
  • To significantly increase chances of capturing digital-enabled value

Konsert has unmatched experience from building and operating IP StratOps functions. Using Konsert’s skills and toolbox, companies can immediately address urgent needs, get quick wins that prove value and gradually establish the IP StratOps function to unlock digital value at scale.

Client challenges

  • “So far, we have failed to unlock digital business value at scale. There are many reason, but one key is that we did not have the capabilities to plan how to capture and control value when architecting our digital play”
  • “We constantly make underinformed technology and control-position decisions”
  • “How can we avoid over-paying in technology negotiations with suppliers, collaboration partners and M&A targets?”
  • “Our IP capability is not built for digital; how do we ensure needed support to the digital business?"