Business IP expertise and digital play advice, seamlessly integrated in your digital team

IP is vital for executing digital plays – how depends on your goals and the business context. We embed business IP competence inside clients’ digital businesses, to help navigate the hardest aspects of scaling their digital pursuits.

Embedded Strategy & IP capability adds highly skilled people to solve strategy and execution tasks, including to:

  • Set strategic direction, i.e. to make sharp technology and control decisions based on strategic analyses that translate business needs to the technology stack and IP.
  • Build the portfolio, i.e. to rapidly capture IP needed by digital business and create business-useful IP portfolios.
  • Use IP as leverage, i.e. to facilitate complex transactions, making sure you come out on top in negotiations with e.g. with technology suppliers, collaboration partners and M&A targets.

Embedding Strategy & IP capability means being backed by all of Konsert; our team of uniquely trained consultants and senior thought leaders on IP and digital business building.

Embedded Strategy & IP capability helps capture the value created by digital to build and grow your digital business. With turnkey digital business IP expertise on the inside, we help navigate where to invest and what to control, secure data access and IP needed by digital, and support in complex negotiations and transactions.

Client challenges

  • There are so many options in digital, how do we focus our investments and resources where they matter the most?
  • How can we access needed digital technology without over-paying to suppliers, partners and M&A targets?
  • How can we ensure trust and openness to engage customers and partners, and access the data needed?
  • How should we defend our competitive edge and ensure freedom to act in a rapidly transforming digital markets?
  • How do we develop a digital strategy that is not just a high-level visions that never makes it off the page?