We modernize strategy development practices to make deliberate and proactive choices on where – and where not – to invest in digital technology innovation

Fit-for-digital strategic prioritization involves three key steps. Navigate the complexity of the digital landscape by defining a technology breakdown and taxonomy that creates a common language and facilitates the strategic dialogue. Translate between business and a technology by extracting and defining business strategic priorities that creates a joint agreement on what digital shall do for the business. Prioritize where to focus digital innovation resources and investments using a systematic and data-driven basis for decisions.

Client challenges

Typical client challenges include:

  • Slow digital progress due to business uncertainty, political biases and historical truths.
  • Not able to define digital business objectives with certainty and granularity.
  • Difficult to provide business rationale for rapidly growing needs for digital technology investments.
  • Spreading digital investments thin by making many small and ad-hoc bets.
  • Putting all eggs in big digital program baskets with uncertain business impact.
  • Redundancies and gaps due to the fuzziness of digital concepts and buzzwords.


We help our clients to evolve or reinvent strategy development practices to systematically make business-driven strategic choices, guiding digital technology innovation to areas with largest future business impact. We create a common understanding of the future priorities of the business and of the corresponding future technology scope. This allows clients to make data-driven and high-precision decisions at the pace of change required by the market, and to effectively direct investments and resources. This means actively controlling spend while ensuring access to differentiating technology in business-critical areas.