We develop executable, easy-to-communicate and mandating strategies for how to innovate in prioritized digital areas and accelerate business impact

Developing fit-for-digital technology innovation strategies involves three key steps. Set aim by defining wanted positions for each prioritized area, broken down into innovation objectives that captures and concretizes the direction. Define gaps versus the current state, including the innovative steps to be taken, the internal capability and capacity for closing gaps, new talent requirements, and make-buy-partner decisions to ensure speed and cost-efficiency. Assign actions that mandate and delegate accountability for innovation objectives and activities.

Client challenges

Typical client challenges include:

  • Uncertainty on how to compete against digital players attacking the current business model.
  • Uncertainty on options and risks for venturing into new digital business models.
  • Difficult to concretize the technological steps needed to develop digital products and services.
  • Pressure on cost efficiency while strong perceived needs to make new investments in digital.
  • New types of technology requiring innovation outside the frames of current capabilities.
  • Uncertainty on what to build internally and when to partner or source externally.
  • Strategies often become high level visions that never make it off the page.
  • Strategy practices not fit complexity and high pace of digital competitive environment.


We help our clients to evolve strategy development practices to fuel and accelerate the digital innovation pipeline. We develop high-resolution innovation strategies that concretize digital business and technology options and ambitions. We ensure in-depth understanding of, and adapt to, players, positions and trends in the external landscape. We guide talent acquisition and management to obtain the right digital skillsets. We enable systematic make-buy-partner decisions to ensure cost-efficiency in strategy execution. We create visual and easy-to-communicate strategies that can used effectively be used by all stakeholders. We create accountability for action in the areas of highest future importance to the business.