We design and run transformation programs to establish fit-for-purpose technology innovation organizations

Transformations are hard. Moving from design to implementation and realizing impact takes effort and there are many pitfalls. Successful implementation of reinvented organizations comes down to three things. Structure in the change program that de-risks and accelerates transformation, including effective workstreams led by a competent guiding team with a strong shared vision and case for change. Involvement of people effected by change early and continuously to ensure empowerment and methodically manage the soft sides of dealing with change. Gradual implementation of new ways of working by iterative pilot and ramp-up cycles, phased recruitment and onboarding, and not letting up and allowing people to fall back into old habits.

Client challenges

Typical client challenges include:

  • Limited experience from planning, pacing and coaching digital innovation transformations.
  • Difficult to get buy-in for change process involving new and sometimes controversial insights.
  • Low willingness to change as agile transformations in e.g. IT have had mixed results.
  • Risk of only changing PowerPoints and people’s titles, not behaviors and mindsets and therefore quickly falling back into old habits.
  • Never getting past the pilot, as quick wins become end-goals instead of means to drive strategic change.


We help our clients to accelerate and de-risk their digital journeys by ensuring that transformations start with the right expertise, plans and preconditions, are run along a clearly defined path using conscious change management, and gradually builds up new capabilities by adding people and iteratively implementing new ways of working.