We provide interim personnel, strategic advice and operational support to realize desired benefits from new strategies and organizations

We take pride in that the strategies and organization we put in place delivers on set out expectations. To ensure impact, we support clients post transformations in three ways. Interim staffing of personnel for positions in digital technology innovation organizations. Strategic advice in improving effectives and efficient and addressing upcoming issues. Operative support in recurring activities and certain initiatives including new strategy development and revisions, and in innovation execution delivery.

Client challenges

Typical client challenges include:

  • Lack of capacity and/or skills to fill key roles and responsibilities
  • Not enough headcount to execute on all activities and special initiatives.
  • Variable capacity needs on strategic and operational levels, requiring flexible sourcing of highly skilled people.
  • Desire to continuously improve and get external infusion from other companies and thought leaders.


We are a turn-key provider of digital technology innovation. We help our clients to realize and scale set out benefits. We supply competence, experience and tools needed to execute in all parts a digital technology innovation operating model; from strategy development to innovation execution.