Utilize external digital teams in new organizations to accelerate execution and bridge the creation of steady-state innovation units

Building new organizations takes time and most companies need to act fast to not fall behind competition. In addition, success cases are often needed to motivate scaling up investments. We use a two-step approach to bridge the gap between having a set direction and design to having a fully scaled, up and running innovation organization. Kick-start execution by using digital teams of Konsert and partner resources to populate new organizations and accelerate early stages of digital innovation, creating quick wins that build confidence in the new models. Gradually shift from external resources to fully instituted innovation units by transferring and hiring top talent and integrating them into the team and fit-for-digital way of working.

Client challenges

Typical client challenges include:

  • Not enough digital skills readily available internally.
  • Need business impact fast; cannot wait for recruiting and building effective in-house teams.
  • Difficult to recruit top talent to new organizations without proof points of success and stimulating work environment.
  • Not able to free up funds to create critical mass without quick wins to prove the model and its business impact.


Together with our partners, we help our clients to quickly capture new value from digital. We integrate our digital teams in clients’ new organizations and take on the early stage innovation responsibilities for e.g. ideation, prototyping and testing of new digital products and services. While creating quick wins using the new models, we gradually put the clients’ steady state team in place and provide hands on learning. We gradually phase ourselves out, leaving a fully function innovation organization with critical mass and proven methods to have real business impact.