Design and build a fit-for-digital organization and quickly move to add real value to the business

A distinguishing factor for successful digital businesses is the operating model — how to organize and manage resources to execute on strategies. Finding the right design to build and grow a technology-based business is however not easy. And on top of that, transformations are hard. Moving from design to implementation and realizing impact takes effort and there are many pitfalls.

We help design, implement and scale digital organizations – including the right IP capabilities – in three stages:

  • Operating model design, i.e. organizational structure, processes and governance models to be effective and efficient in agile, high-speed digital business settings.
  • Build organization and drive change, i.e. implement the wanted ways of working, add and develop new skills and behaviors, and ensure people are involved and empowered.
  • Bridge capability gaps, i.e. utilize external people to bridge the creation of the steady-state organization and accelerate execution to produce lasting results fast.

We help design and implement digital organizations fit to build and grow digital business. With operating models that take companies from looking innovative on the surface to achieve real business impact from digital investments.

We accelerate and de-risk digital journeys by ensuring that they start with the right expertise, plans and preconditions, are run along a clearly defined path with conscious change management, and are gradually but rapidly built up with new capabilities, iteratively implementing the right ways of working.

Client challenges

  • How should we organize for digital? Should we merge with existing structures or create a separate digital organization?
  • How do we overcome our lack of digital capabilities?
  • How do we get beyond pilots and proof of concepts?
  • How should we adapt processes to agile innovation and software-based business?
  • How do we move from PowerPoint designs and role title changes, to changing behaviors and mindsets?