Develop fit-for digital IP strategy able to support software and data-based business

Digitalization is bringing new competition and increasing dependency on external technology. This is putting never-before-seen pressure on IP functions to adapt in relation to e.g. software, open source, data and agile innovation.

We help develop contextualized IP strategies that translate business strategic objectives to IP objectives, set concrete actions and measurable targets. We help focus IP activities on top-critical IP jobs-to-be-done to maximize impact for the business and return on investment.

Digital IP strategy is specifically designed to handle the digital reality:

  • Manage and mitigate digital-enhanced IP risks and conflicts in a rapidly evolving business environment.
  • Support complex negotiations and transactions with e.g. technology suppliers, ecosystem patterns and M&A targets.
  • Go beyond patents and include multi-mode IP portfolios utilizing e.g. contracts, copyrights, designs and trade secrets.
  • Manage data access to enable data-based products and services, and effective use of machine learning and analytics.

Fit-for-digital IP strategy steers the building and use of multi-mode IP portfolios to support the digital business, including how to protect and use data assets, mitigate digital IP risks and coming out on top in complex transactions and negotiations. Using IP jobs-to-be-done, digital IP strategy express specific business needs that IP shall address in a concrete and communicable way that business, technology and IP people can get behind.

Client challenges

  • We are moving fast in digital, are we exposed to digital IP risks?
  • How can we protect software-based innovation, especially generated in high-paced agile settings?
  • How should we use open source?
  • How should we manage data assets?
  • How can we avoid over-paying in technology negotiations with suppliers, collaboration partners and M&A targets?