Diagnose and shape your digital business, setting the plan for how to build and grow

Being successful in digital requires a clear idea of where and how to play. This means being able to define the value to target, understand how your core competences translates to competitiveness in digital business settings, and know how to control your wanted positions in the digital value chain.

Through a tandem focus on value creation and control points, we help clients ensure their digital business initiatives rest on a robust foundation. We typically conduct digital business reviews either in the planning stage of a new digital business, or as a way of refocusing an existing digital initiative which has struggled to meet expectations.

Digital business reviews can include four different types of analyses:

  • Value pool analysis help identify the use cases that create the most value for customers.
  • Asset and capability analysis help identify the key sources of competitiveness to build digital business on.
  • Digital value chain analysis help identify current and future player positions in relevant digital landscapes.
  • Technology stack analysis help understand the software, hardware and data required to address the targeted value.

A digital business review moves the needle for how to build and grow digital business. It helps clarify strategic priorities, identify gaps in the current state and guide digital businesses towards areas with the largest value impact. It helps make sharp technology and control decisions by defining core assets and wanted positions, thereby effectively directing investments and resources to where they have maximum impact.

Client challenges

  • The digital business is not taking off, what should we do to create real impact on top and bottom lines?
  • Our core competence is in hardware; what are your core assets are for software and data enabled business?
  • The industry is being transforming; what positions should we take in the digital value chain?
  • We are shifting towards as-a-service offers; how can we stay sustainably competitive in the new business context?
  • How should I design and organize a digital business that can engage an ecosystem and scale results?