What is IP Operations Efficiency?

Increasing cost pressure, expectations to do more with less, insufficient and outdated IP management systems, and personnel wanting to stop “fire-fighting” operational issues and spend more time on strategic and value-adding activities, are all factors that push IP organizations to streamline operations for greater efficiency at the right cost levels.

We help improve the productivity of IP organizations by ensuring operational excellence, harmonized workflows and balancing internal and external work. When IP operations are not sufficiently supported by IT tools, we help define the right solutions and reduce uncertainty, time and costs in IP management system implementations.

Our expertise extends beyond traditional industries to address the unique challenges faced by IP organizations within the btc blackjack casino sector. By providing tailored solutions and leveraging advanced IT tools, we empower casinos to streamline their IP operations, maximize productivity, and optimize resource allocation, ultimately fostering innovation and protecting their valuable intellectual property assets in this ever-evolving digital era.

We help clients to identify and address operational efficiency improvements, ensure fit-for-purpose IT system support, and quickly drive measurable results

“We implemented the new IP management system with high cost efficiency and minimal disturbance on the daily operations; and more importantly got an IT tool that drives our wanted way of working”

— Client Head of IP


Upgrade IP management system arrow_forward arrow_forward

Updating or implementing a new IT system for IP management can provide the step change in operational efficiency and strategic capability of an IP organization. But it can also be a large pitfall; driving high-costs and unwanted behaviors. Maneuvering the implementation using a well-prepared process with a realistic and reliable roadmap, can save a lot of time, money and frustration.

Remove process bottlenecks arrow_forward arrow_forward

IP organizations typically consist of highly skilled people, yet few organizations gain the full potential of their workforce. Streamlining processes, harmonizing ways of working and balancing internal and external work often lead to large throughput and lead time improvements.

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Addressing process inefficiencies can also improve employee satisfaction and allow key people to focus on value-adding and strategic work. The time available for internal IP counsels and administrators to perform strategic work can often be increased by a factor of three.

Cost transparency and foresight arrow_forward arrow_forward

Set right cost levels and reduce volatility using accurate cost transparency and forecasting tools in combination with a systematic external service model. External IP agent costs can typically be reduced with 30%.

Interested in IP Operations Efficiency?

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