Upgrade the IP infrastructure for boosted operational efficiency and effectiveness

Many organizations have outdated IP management systems (IPMS) that limit their effectiveness. Upgrading to a modern solution can provide a step change in IP operations efficiency and strategic capability.

However, as many organizations have learned, IPMS transformation is a substantial undertaking which carries significant operational risks in the form of cost, time, and the strain that implementing a new system can place on your organization.

We help clients plan and execute an IPMS upgrade to ensure they get the best possible solution, adapted to their organizational needs, implemented on time and with minimal disturbance to daily operations. We have the ability to offer support throughout the entire IPMS upgrade process:

  • Business case development – Build the business case to support internal decision-making for an IPMS upgrade
  • Process review / design – Review and future-proof current IP management processes to get maximum benefit from a new system
  • Requirements formulation – Translate budget and IP operating model needs to adequate system requirements
  • Solution evaluation and procurement – Evaluate vendor solutions against system requirements and negotiate effectively to reduce cost
  • System implementation – Plan and lead system configuration, data migration and user training to ensure minimal disruption to internal operations.

Client challenges

  • “Our IPMS is getting old, and we would need to upgrade to a more modern solution. What would be the best solution for us? How should we setup the implementation to minimize disruption and maximize chance of success?”
  • How can we make the most out of existing resources? What would be the optimal way to balance inhouse/outsourced work for us?”
  • “I need to be prepared for budget cuts/am experiencing cuts. How can I strategically prune the portfolio to demonstrate efficient cost reduction?
  • “Are we overpaying for outsourced work? Can we reduce spend without compromising on quality?”