IP strategy that translates key business priorities into measurable targets for IP management

We support our clients by developing contextualized and concrete IP strategy which translates key business objectives into strategic IP objectives, provides clear priorities, and sets measurable targets for key IP management activities.

Our approach is to start by building a technology and use case matrix that defines all use cases and technologies relevant to the business in one common breakdown. We then work with stakeholders across corporate functions to define the business strategic priorities driving the business needs for IP. We identify the strategic areas of largest importance to the business by matching the drivers to the matrix – thereby making sure that IP resources are allocated to where they make the most impact. We add an analysis of the external IP landscape covering both main competitors and key players within the strategic areas. Finally, we compile business-driven, contextual and actional IP strategies intimately aligned with the business.

Client challenges

Typical client challenges include:

  • Uncertainty regarding the IP implications of rapidly changing competitive and technology landscapes: new technology frontiers, new players, shifting competitive dynamics, new IP behaviors;
  • Reactive and unfocused IP portfolio development
  • Lack of clear link between IP investments and expected business returns
  • Inability to prioritize allocation of IP resources – “spreading too thin”


A business impact-focused IP strategy, adapted to the client’s context and aligned with the business’ strategic priorities, capable of providing guidance to all concerned internal stakeholders across functions.


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