We provide high-resolution IP strategy recommendations based on assessing business strategy, key technology assets and external trends

We provide technology ventures with IP strategy recommendations with unmatched precision and detail, while also taking into account the bigger picture business priorities of our clients. We do this using our unique Intellectual Asset Management approach, by which we systematically capture and assess how each piece of knowledge and technology held by our client’s contributes to their overall competitiveness. Based on this mapping, we develop asset-level recommendations of key control measures to adopt firmly rooted on business rationale.

Client challenges

Typical client challenges include:

  • Lack of overview of the full scope, character and value of the key knowledge and technology held internally
  • Limited understanding for how IP should be used towards different stakeholder interfaces
  • Lack of plan for what to protect, what to keep secrete and how to execute such a plan


Identification of key control needs and concrete control measures, including new patenting opportunities. Based on this, we also provide detailed IP portfolio optimization recommendations to optimize costs and hands-on advice on how to use a range of tools, in addition to IPRs, to control key knowledge during partnerships or other knowledge exchanges.