Building and growing digital business requires IP

Technology-based business in the digital age requires knowledge, hardware, software and data beyond the capabilities of individual companies. This means a wider scope of technology innovation and engaging a wider range of external players. With more partners and new competition, business rules and IP risks are different.

Companies that can translate core competence, domain know-how and proprietary data into unique contributions to the digital technology stack and value chain – and control these with intellectual property – will be winners.

We help companies add the IP layer needed to build and grow digital business by helping Business & Technology Executives:

  • Ensure openness and access to needed data,
  • Strengthen position as an attractive partner in digital ecosystems,
  • Protect revenues as feature differentiation is increasingly transient,
  • Reduce risk of IP conflicts with new competitors and technology players, and
  • Get favorable deals in negotiations and transactions.

"Add the IP layer needed to build and grow digital business"

Focus on key control points

Decide where to invest and what to control to secure your competitiveness in complex digital business environments.

Obtain IP with speed

Secure data access and intellectual property in high-paced and agile business environments – so it is available when needed by the business

Leverage IP in business deals

Use IP as an edge to come out on top in complex negotiations and transactions.

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