What is Digital Technology Innovation?

We help companies fuel the digital innovation pipeline and accelerate its business impact by transforming technology innovation strategies and operations to be fit-for-digital.

This means to systematically navigate the complexity of the digital technology landscape to make business-driven choices about where and how to invest; to build innovation organizations with the right capabilities for executing in a high paced, agile and software-focused business environment; and to close the gap between strategy and execution using partner digital teams as a bridge organization to kick-start execution and create success cases.

“Our digital initiatives used to produce shiny prototypes, but none reached the market. Our new strategy-driven approach aligned business owners with innovation teams from day 1.”

—Client Chief Digital Officer


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We help digital leaders sustain profitable growth from digital innovation and help digital followers to step-change their innovation capabilities to fit the needs of an increasingly digital enterprise and business environment.

Business impact, not innovation theater arrow_forward arrow_forward

Make your digital innovation investments count, whether that means innovating within the current business model, exploring radically new products and services, or digitalizing internal processes.

Strategy-driven decision-making arrow_forward arrow_forward

Make business-driven strategic choices to proactively direct resources to areas of highest importance for outcompeting digital threats with the speed dictated by customers, and at the right cost levels.

Bridge the execution gap arrow_forward arrow_forward

Use a temporary bridge organization to get critical mass in digital skills and kick-start execution to create success cases. Gradually phase out “the bridge” as the in-house capability is built up.

Interested in Digital Technology Innovation?

Contact our DTI Lead Robin Sparrefors, for further dialogue.