Our expertise

We know the secrets to unlocking new capabilities and boost efficiency in IP operations using the power of intelligent tools. Our expertise spans a range of solutions, including IP portfolio management, IP intelligence, and cost monitoring solutions.

We provide support throughout the lifecycle from need evaluation to the selection of the solution and customized implementation. We are also at the forefront in building unique AI-powered solutions tailored to business-driven IP management needs.

Client needs

Blending our Intelligent IP tools expertise with adjacent capabilities, we tailor services and engagements to perfectly align with clients’ unique situations and needs.

Limited insight depth and data visibility

Hampered decision-making due to limited data access and depth of insight.

Inefficient and slow-moving

High resource requirements and long lead times in processing information and providing insight.

Low data quality and security

Risk of making the wrong decisions or putting the business at risk due to the loss or leakage of information.

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