Our expertise

Business-driven IP management refers to the best practice of proactively driving selected IP activities to realize specific, targeted business outcomes.

Konsert has extensive experience from driving a diverse set of IP initiatives, spanning all aspects of IP operations. We accelerate targeted build-up of strategic IP portfolios through both internal proactive IP creation, as well as by leading scouting and acquisitions of external IP rights. We assess IP risks and develop player-focused IP risk mitigation playbooks. We improve IP landscape monitoring and intelligence practices. We facilitate and support IP deal-making, licensing and conflict negotiations.

Client needs

Blending our business-driven IP management expertise with adjacent capabilities, we tailor services and engagements to perfectly align with clients’ unique situations and needs.

Focused build-up of strategic IP portfolios

Rapid progress on build-up of business-critical IP portfolios, through proactive IP creation and/or external IP acquisitions.

Effective mitigation of IP risk

Systematic and effective plan of action for addressing identified 3rd party IP risk or risk exposure imbalances.

Use IP for favorable deal terms

Identify and leverage existing IP to support favorable deal terms in procurement, sales, licensing and dispute resolution.

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