Our expertise

In business settings where software, data and artificial intelligence rewrites the rules and creates complex technology landscapes, R&D outcomes and new business development success are determined by how well innovation resources are organized and managed. Konsert builds organizations that are systematic and stable enough to promote empowered autonomy in cross-functional teams.

We design processes that allows strategy-driven, rapid and iterative execution and continuous learning cycles. We implement governance models that provide top-down direction while mandating bottom-up execution and stimulate people to grow and perform.

Client needs

Blending our new business and innovation operating model expertise with adjacent capabilities, we tailor services and engagements to perfectly align with clients’ unique situations and needs.

Make innovation work

An operating models that take us from looking innovative on the surface to achieve real business impact from R&D investments.

Fit for digital and agile innovation 

Teams, processes and governance models that are effective and efficient in software-focused, high-paced, agile innovation settings.

Data-driven services 

Innovation fuelled by data, creating new business models leveraging data to create scalable revenue beyond selling products.

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