Our expertise

Too many IP functions operate in siloed support roles with limited access to business decision-makers, forcing a reactive approach and yielding limited return on investment from IP. We work collaboratively with clients to co-create a better and more business-driven way of operating.

Our methodologies and frameworks help create organizations that are proactive, agile and business integrated. IP activities are directly linked to strategic objectives to build IP portfolios systematically and put these use to support revenue, reduce costs and risks. We build IP capabilities that can respond quickly to changing business needs and shift resources to where they matter the most. Such organizations will have the right prerequisites and accountabilities to achieve the desired business outcomes.

Client needs

Blending our operating model and business-driven IP expertise with adjacent capabilities, we tailor services and engagements to perfectly align with clients’ unique situations and needs.

Increase business value from IP

Increasing pressure from senior executives on Heads of IP to demonstrate a positive return on the company’s investment in IP.

Future proof the IP organization 

Our business is transforming rapidly and the implications for IP is uncertain. We need to adapt the way we operate, our skillsets and our toolbox.

Cost-efficiency in IP operations & portfolio

With increasing cost pressure, we need cost transparency and do more with less. We need to increase efficiency in our operations, reduce external agent cost, and strategically trim the portfolio.

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